What's Higashi-Murayama Internet Club (HIC) ?
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What's HIC ?

HIC (Higashi-Murayama Internet Club) help to promote the spread of the Net in Higashi-Murayama Tokyo, and  we would like to be communicative among citizen and many people are more and more brisk through and on Virtual and Actual.


HIC's Policy

Mainly we study and communicative about the Net.
Monthly meeting observes in the central public hall (The Council Convention Centre ), Higashi-Murayama Tokyo on every 3rd Sunday evening.


The qualifications of member

If you are HIgashi-Murayama citizen, ex-citizen and the person who are working or studying in Higashi-Murayama, you can join us. If you have no above qualification, please consult us.


Annual Fee

3,000JPY (We cannot accept the other currency. Please pay in appointed bank account or send 3,000JPY worth demand draft.)


HIC Office

Hiroyuki Masuda (Akitsu, Higashi-Murayama) mandt@infotrans.or.jp


If you would like to apply

Please click following "Application Form".

The Application Form

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