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Where's the location of HM?

Higashi-Murayama  which a part of city is located at the north west area of Tokyo and the beeline distance from Greater Tokyo (Around Tokyo Station) to Higashi-Murayama is about 18 miles (30 kilometers). The length of from the east end to the west end is 3.64 miles (5.83 kilometers), also from the north end to the south end is 1.31 miles (3.09 kilometers). Higashi-Murayama covers an area of 4,400 acres (17.62 square kilomaters).

Population of Higashi-Murayama is on the increase after World War 2. Because many commuters who working in Greater Tokyo has moved out from Greater Tokyo and they bought own house in Higashi-Murayama. But Higashi-Murayama is still the treasure of nature speciality north west area.

There are two railway company operating in Higashi-Murayama, one is Seibu Railway runs from Tokyo-Shinjuku to Kawagoe via Higashi-Murayama also, some branches run in Higashi-Murayama. The other is JR East (East Japan Railway Company ; Ex-National Railway) Musashino Line runs around Tokyo via Higashi-Murayama.


How long does it to the City Centre(Kumegawa area)?
(Minimum/Excl. Waiting Time)

Where're you from ? How long does it ? By
Kumegawa Station 5 sec. on foots
Tokyo-Shinjuku 40 min. Train
Osaka 4 hrs. Shinkansen and Train
Edinburgh 18 hrs. British Airways or Virgin Atlantic and Train
Mir ??? Space Shuttle, Amtrak, JL/NH/AA/NW/UA etc.


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