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Monthly Report in 1998

January 1998
11th January~New Year's Party
The member and the university students/former students of Prof. Koichi Shimaoka (Univ. of Saitama) visit to his home with 1/2LB of chopped pork. Why they bring chopped pork ? Because chopped pork be to recipe of New Year's Party's Meal. Mr. Hiroshi Ito (Borough Council Office (City Hall)) connect to the net on IBM ThinkPad and show member's web venue to these students. In the second half, they moved to Prof. Shimaoka's private office and continued it.

26th January~Monthly Meeting
They discussed about structure and create member's share of HIC's Web Venue. They accepted HIC's poster and bill which created by Mr. Makoto Kondo (the shopkeeper of Dauber Photo). The poster and bill are going to put up and distribute at all public hall (council convention centre) and some stores. A new member has joined.

February 1998
15th February~Monthly Meeting
Hiroyuki Masuda, Yasunori Ichikawa, Murakami, Reiko Kita, Akira Abe and Yutaka Hirose had participated in the meeting. They discussed about as following.
  • They organised touch-type workshop on 15th March 1998. Therefore they decided that will hold special meeting for get ready the workshop on 1st March.
  • Paying method of member's fee.
    Confirmed that all member pay in the fee into HIC's account ownself.
  • HIC's Mailing list operation
    Decided that the mailing list's mails distribute to the members only. (Operated by Yutaka Hirose)
March 1998
1st March~Special Meeting
Makoto Kondo, Yutaka Hirose, Akira Abe, Kazuki Hayashida and Hiroyuki Masuda had perticipated in the meeting. They discussed about as follows.

Touch-Type Workshop

  • Lecturer: Makoto Kondo
    MC: Kazuki Hayashida
    Reception: Kinoshita and Reiko Kita
    Other Members: Support the workshop
  • The workshop's programme schedule
    17 o'clock: The members come into The Central Public Hall (The Council Convention Centre )
    Half Past 17: Final Meeting and get ready at 3rd meeting room.
    18 o'clock: Begin the workshop and introduce the club on slide.
    10 before 21: Question and Answer
    21 o'clock: Finish and begin the monthly meeting
  • Create the material: Kazuki Hayashida (Questionnaire and Reception's List)
    Create the Positive Film for introduce the club/Distribute the poster to each Convention Centres: Makoto Kondo
    Ready member's nameplate: Go Takayanagi
    Order the textbooks: Hiroyuki Masuda
    All member should spread about it absolutely!!
  • The receptionist distribute the textbook, advertisement of HIC and questionnaire, and collect 1,000JPY from each enter.

About entry the Culture Gathering

  • Suggested that entry the Culture Gathering in Higashi-Murayama Tokyo
  • They decided discuss about it next meeting.

15th March~Monthly Meeting

We'll report later!!

April 1998
19th April~Monthly Meeting
Makoto Kondo, Murayama, Akira Abe, Yutaka Hirose, Nagahara, Naoki Hirakata, Hiroyuki Masuda and Yasunori Ichikawa had participated in the meeting. They discussed about as follows.

About entry the Culture Gathering (From 22nd to 24th April (Take in the equipment 21st April))

How about the cost of ISDN-Line and should we hold web trial on 22nd April Friday?
(Decided to collect the donation and we just display the material and play the VCR later on Friday. They decided to hold web trial both Saturday and Sunday.)

HIC accepted "Global Web Venue" is able to move out from British Telecom Server (UK) to Tama-SOC HIC Server (Japan), the creator Naoki Hirakata has moved out it and add the message as follows.
"We apologise that we intend to use so marvellous English Language (UK) in this venue, therefore if you found out any mistakes, please contact us !!".

Heart Factory Nineteen-Ninety-eight
It will be hold in July. So, they has decided wait and see the situation.

Yutaka Hirose donated many Used Toshiba T series PCs and Network Card (PCIMCA). They decided to use for Web Page Create Domestic Workshop.

17th May~Monthly Meeting and Web Page Create Domestic Workshop
We'll report later..

22nd April to 24th April~Culture Gathering
We'll report later. The small visitor disappointed. In my opinion, They have to discuss reduce participate gathering.


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